Championing our divine connection with organic food as God intended.

It all started with a backyard in Texas...

When Texas-born illustrator & designer Ulysses met his English rose, Elle, a nutrition and wellness coach, at 8,000 feet up a mountain in western Mexico, he was quick to bring her back to Texas to find out what life in the Lonestar State was all about. The first thing she noticed? How perfect the climate was for growing all her favorite wellness foods in a humble Houston backyard.

Three years later, Ulysses and Elle and their team are supplying a wealth of organic, edible plants, and divinely effective health products and edible treats and teaching children and adults across the Houston area and beyond.

"There will come a time when

only those who know how to plant

will be eating."

Chief Oren Lyons


To help people reconnect to the natural world through organic food grown in their back yard.

Elle and Ulysses are passionate about leading a life which prioritises health as the greatest wealth and enjoying nutrition that gives us the vitality and drive to be loving and excellent to one another and everyone around us.

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