Get foodscaping with us.

We invite you to join us in this fast-growing edible gardening trend that
boosts health, creates food security and positively impacts the environment.

What is foodscaping?

Foodscaping is the practice of creating an edible garden that not only generates an abundance

of organic food but is equally as stunning as a purely ornamental garden.

Get your edible raised bed installed

and planted at home today.

What are the benefits to foodscaping?

There are countless reasons to start edible landscaping.

Here are just a few:

Food security

Health & vitality

There are no two ways about it, organic food freshly harvested from the garden offers far more nutrients than store-bought food and will make you feel alive and vibrant. Studies show that people who eat fresh vegetables and herbs regularly enjoy significantly increased health and happiness.

Food security

Food security

Growing your own food is a great way to keep the costs of living down dramatically. It is amazing how much food you can be growing in just a single raised bed and start sharing the abundance with your family and friends.


Environment & biodiversity

Growing a range of herbs, edible flowers, fruits and vegetables is a simple way to support biodiversity while reducing your environmental footprint.

Nutrition upgrade

Creativity in the kitchen

Knowing that you have a range of beautiful edible flowers, luscious salad greens, flagrant herbs and colorful fruits and veggies on hand lends itself to getting creative in the kitchen and enjoying the luscious, healthiest and simplest dishes.

Learn foodscapinga

Community & family connection

Foodscaping offers the opportunity to make deeper connections with friends, family and community. Plant and seed swaps, getting your hands dirty together and getting creative in the kitchen are fantastic ways to connect with the people you love.

Edible garden

Peace of mind

Foodscaping is one of the best ways to deal with life's stresses. Not only does gardening relax the nervous system, you can enjoy the peace of mind and tranquility that comes with having your food available all year round in your won

Learn to foodscape

We host regular foodscaping masterclasses and workshops for all ages.
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Select from our range of our organic,

edible plants tailored for your Texas garden.

Vibrant fruits

& berries

Our range of delicious berries and tropical fruits, perfectly suited to growing in the Texas area. Nothing quite beats the feeling of harvesting your own fruits and berries from the garden and eating them fresh each day.

Spectacular veggies & leaves

Our selection of vegetables and edible greens that are not only highly nutritious but also make a visually stunning addition to borders and raised beds. This can be one of the easiest way to get growing edible plants in your garden.

Stunning edible flowers

Edible flowers not only bring color and majesty to the garden, they also contain a ton of nutritious goodness and add a touch of visual splendor to culinary creations. Once you start using edible flowers, you won't be able to stop.

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