We invite you to join our quest for continual knowledge growth.

Meet the knowledge experts that have

inspired and informed our journey.

Over our 20 year journey we have been fortunate to learn from and work with a wide range of health and wellbeing pioneers.

We continually honour their remarkable contribution towards a more balanced and sustainable future for humanity.

Sepp Holzer

Permaculture pioneer

Craig Sams
Craig Sams

Organic farmer & biochar innovator

Dr Jenna Macciochi
Jenna Macciochi

Microbiome expert

Charles Dowding
Charles Dowding

No dig gardening pioneer

Paul Gautschi
Paul Gautschi

Biodynamic gardener, Back to Eden doc

Dr Berg

Wellness expert

Eric Cutter
Eric Cutter

Urban farmer

Fully Raw Kristina
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Raw food pioneer

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

Biodome inventor

Paul Stamets


Dr Rhonda Patrick
Dr Rhonda Patrick

Scientific researcher

Dr Edward Group
Dr Edward Group

Natural health expert

Marjory Wildcaft
Marjory Wildcraft

Nutrition expert at the Grow Network

Dr Michael Lustig
Michael Lustig, MD

Professor emeritus & author of Metabolical

Vandana Shiva
Dr Vandana Shiva

Environmental scholar & campaigner

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