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Join the Texas Foodscape Revolution

Transform your yard into a stunning, edible landscape.

We believe fresh, organic food shouldn't cost the earth.

The best way to ensure you have access to the freshest, healthiest food is to grow it in your own yard.

With over 20 years' experience in creating edible landscapes, growing food at home with the help of Divinely Edible couldn't be simpler or more fun.

Create your edible raised garden

from our simple range.

Growing food in your garden has never been so easy.

Choose your raised bed and we install it for you, 100% hassle-free.


Come along to our masterclasses both online and in person and connect with other foodscape enthusiasts.

We learn from fellow nutritionists, environmentalists and agricultural leaders.

From actively running children's education programs to offering advice to community organizations and collaborating on local projects, we commit every part of our operations to education, growth and relationships.

Discover the edible plants that grow simply & quickly in your garden.

Texas has one of the best climates for growing food all year round. Take a look at our range of super-nutritious, edible plants that grow abundantly with minimal attention.

Vibrant fruits

& berries

Our range of delicious berries and tropical fruits, perfectly suited to growing in the Texas area. Nothing quite beats the feeling of harvesting your own fruits and berries from the garden and eating them fresh each day.

Spectacular veggies & leaves

Our selection of vegetables and edible greens that are not only highly nutritious but also make a visually stunning addition to borders and raised beds. This can be one of the easiest way to get growing edible plants in your garden.

Stunning edible flowers

Edible flowers not only bring color and majesty to the garden, they also contain a ton of nutritious goodness and add a touch of visual splendor to culinary creations. Once you start using edible flowers, you won't be able to stop.

Supercharge your health & vitality with our organic product range.

Try our handmade-in-Texas, artisan organic edible, health and beauty products, made from the superfoods that we grow right here in Texas.

Rejuvenate your hair and skin

Enjoy our range of beauty products made from organic ingredients that we grow right here in Texas.

Organic, raw vegan, sugar & GF, superfood treats

Try our range of delicious, all-organic, healthy treats

featuring our uniquely nutritious plant ingredients.

Edible flower boxes

Explore the many creative ways that you can incorporate the power of flowers in your daily diet

with our fresh, edible flower boxes.

Try our magical food recipes using our edible flower range.

Whether purchasing our edible flower boxes or getting hold of the plants for your garden, we hope to inspire you to include the visual and medicinal power of flowers in your favourite dishes and drinks.

Edible flower canape
Edible flower salad
Edible flower cocktail
Edible flower pancake

Book Divinely Edible to create culinary magic at your event.

We believe that our Divinely Edible event catering is a cut above the rest. Not only does it look and taste divine, we also ensure that every ingredient delivers maximum nutrition, using only organic, raw ingredients and absolutely nothing refined or processed to ensure your guests feel loved and energised.

Gift yourself a nutrition makeover.

The Divinely Edible team has over 20 years' experience in transforming lives through nutrition.

Whether you are looking for a new lease of energy, better focus or just a general brighter outlook on life, you could benefit from our 1-to-1 coaching programs.

Join our campaign

to get kids growing!

It's a well-known fact that we are becoming increasingly separated from our food supply. We are passionate about teaching the next generations to develop a healthy relationship with their food and diet. We believe that giving kids the opportunity to grow their own food not only helps strengthen personal confidence but fosters a deeper appreciation for the food on their plate.

Get kids growing campaign


"Divinely Edible have been instrumental in helping me develop a deeper relationship with my food and my health. Starting to grow food in my garden has given me a far stronger awareness of my body's nutritional needs and I belief a greater love for myself and for life. I'm very grateful."

G. Richards

"I'm obsessed with Divinely Edible's healthy treats range. As a long-term sugar addict, it's been amazing to know that I can get my sweet fix by nourishing my body rather than overloading it with bad stuff. Thanks to them I've completely changed my relationship to food. I no longer need to nap during the day and I am feeling much happier and positive.

M. Abimbola

"Divinely Edible made me realise that I could be growing a substantial amount of my food in my own yard. Food prices have been getting pretty steep recently and I felt that buying organic was out of my price range. I didn't believe that I could grow so much organic food in such a small space. It's incredible to know where a lot of my food comes from and be able to pick it fresh from the garden.

F. Harrison

Attending the Divinely Edible's masterclass has changed my life. Previously I wasn't giving much consideration at all to what I was putting in my body. Now I treat it like a temple. I think a real game-changer for me has been starting to grow my food and also incorporating flowers into my diet. There is something so magical about eating flowers and I love to create beautiful rainbow salads for myself."

H. Preston

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